My name is Will and I am the artist behind life in layers. I take inspiration from life experience, alongside being a father, a husband and a teacher of Art, Design and Technology.

Each of my artistic creations has a starting point that embarks upon a journey of imagination and mindfulness, where thoughts and feelings are creatively woven into the meticulous design of intricate 2-dimensional layers.

Computer aided design is used to convert each layer into a pathway of lines that can be followed by a Co2 laser cutter. Contrasting flat sheets of plywood and veneers are carefully selected and effectively carved with the laser to achieve a very high degree of precision.

Only once each intricate layer has been carefully smoothed and finished by hand, do you get a glimpse of the 3-dimensional impact that is not only unique and eye catching but one of a kind.

All layers are permanently bonded with a strong and durable adhesive and finished with a long-lasting UV protective coating before being framed, packaged, and shipped worldwide ready to transform the appearance of any wall or space.

My art is made to order from the collection shown in my portfolio and can be customised to suit your desired finish and size. I also accept commissions for a one off and larger wall installations where I use the same concept but work with you to create something special and truly individual.