My name is Will and I am the artist behind life in layers.

With 20 years experience as a teacher of Design, Technology and Art, I am passionate about the artistic process and appreciate the unique experience that every outcome evokes in its viewer. Working with card, paper and wood, I use a wide variety of techniques, mediums and materials to blend intricate wooden reliefs into unique sculpturally layered artworks.

Each piece embarks on a narrative journey of imagination and mindfulness, where thoughts and feelings are creatively woven into the meticulous illusions of intricate two-dimensional layers. Reliefs are both hand- and laser-cut into sheets of high quality, and sustainable, veneers and plywood.

Once each layer has been carefully smoothed, spray painted and finished by hand, you get a glimpse of the three-dimensional impact that creates a multifaceted viewing experience. All layers are permanently bonded with a strong and durable adhesive and finished with a long-lasting UV protective finish.

A successful, grassroots crowdfunding campaign allowed me to build my own studio on the South Coast of England, as well as providing me with the tools necessary to bring my artistic vision to fruition, illustrating the connective tissues between art and community.